Michelle Carroll

This is a photo of the original Buddha.

It was originally used in our fish tank at home for the Beta fish to swim around. I chose this object for several reasons. First, I kept in mind what the final 3D object would look like. So, I wanted to make sure I chose something that was solid and that wouldn’t have issues printing. I also chose this object because it has a lot of detail and I wanted to see if the printing would capture all of that. The hat or hair has lots of dots and the clothing has lots of waves.

I think if I kept a document that listed all the applications used and what they were used for I would have spent less time fumbling around and trying to remember what app I used what for the images.

Some application proved more challenging than others. The Trino app we used was great for first time scanning. In the end, I used the Einscan to print my object. Blender was challenging at first but as I played around with it, I felt more comfortable grouping things and the vertices.