Cam Mackay-Smith

I chose to make a lizard because I like reptiles and it was the only animal on the list that I could immediately visualize the process for creating. I used TinkerCad to model the lizard. I did not use reference images, but I think it would have looked a lot better if I did. Ignoring the usual amount of hiccups that occur when using unfamiliar software, most of the process was fairly straightforward. However, I did have some trouble when it came to positioning the eyes and row of spikes on the back.

The thing I struggled the most with was the legs. As you can see, they are still very blocky and have no toes. I would have liked to spend more time improving the design, but I am also content with how it came out.

Fortunately, TinkerCad supports exporting projects as .stl files, so I did that and uploaded it to Canvas.

I was not present for the printing process, but once the lizard was done, I started to remove the printed scaffolding. Most of it came off quite easily, but to rip off some of the main body supports I used pliers.

The (mostly) finished product!!

As you can see, it still looks quite rough and could use some touching up. However, I was blessed by the 3D printing gods and the design printed properly and came out in one piece the first time.