Frances McPheely

I decided to 3D print my shoe. I was curious how it would be picked up by Trnio, as the shoe is a dark color and reflective, and I was unsure how much detail would translate to a digital scan and eventual 3D print. I used the app Trnio to scan my shoe.

The scan is not very detailed, and I wonder if this is because of Trnio. It may also be a result of the dark color of the shoe, and the fact that it is a bit reflective, and I wonder if using Einscan would have resulted in a more high definition scan.

During the printing process, the shoe got a bit distorted, and so it is not proportional to the original object. A lot of detail was also lost, again most likely attributed to the dark color and reflective quality of the shoe. I would be interested in scanning it using Einscan and printing it to compare the level of detail that can be picked up.