Explore Our Exhibition to relive Emma Across Media as if it was the opening day. Start by exploring the academic side of Austen’s novel; read academic interpretations of Emma, learn about Alberta Burke, and study the psychology of book collecting. Afterward, head over to the adaptations. Here you can have a look at the numerous creative retellings of Emma including both novel and film. Finally, look through the various miscellaneous artifacts, including artwork, music, and more!

Emma Across Media, a Goucher College student exhibition, showcases Jane Austen’s Emma and the various related media students explored throughout the course. Dr. Juliette Wells and the seven dedicated students of 2023’s Austen Adaptations & Archives course use Special Collections resources and Dr. Wells’ personal collection to unveil all-things Emma.

Goucher is filled to the brim with Jane Austen related websites. Take a look at the Jane Austen Collection and Emma in America.

The Reading Room is a transformed version of this exhibition’s Bring Emma Home bookmarks. In the Reading Room, there are personalized recommendations, favorite chapters and quotes from each of the exhibition’s contributors arranged in chronological order to feel like you are reading right along with us!

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