International Student Oral Histories

The United States has become one of the countries with the largest growing number of international students. Students from all around the world come here for a variety of reasons, some to pursue education, some to flee war-ridden areas or some just want to have a different experience. Regardless of the reasons, their experiences are a kaleidoscope of laughter, self-reflection and challenges. Each international student coming to the United States, whether an Indian exchange student studying biochemistry or an inspiring Chinese writer in the Creative Arts, has left a great impression on the lives they touched and impacted the way education is viewed, not just in the United States but also globally. Uyen Nguyen embarked on this project for Goucher College to celebrate the multifaceted way the international student community has shaped the history of the institution. During this journey, Uyen also reflected on how international students have shaped the immigration system as well as the education system of the United States. More info: