The Stimson Project grew out of the determination of students and faculty in the Historic Preservation Program to document and preserve the history of this legendary and much-beloved dormitory on the Goucher College campus.

The following students, under the supervision of Professor Tina Sheller, contributed their time, hard work, and creativity to this preservation project:

Ceili Banasik, Alexander Brito, Michelle Carroll, Austen Caudill, James Champion,Claire Corliss, Jeanette Croen, Ava Hamstead, Olivia Herendeen, Ava Kemp, Fiona Kenyon, Isabella Lambrow, Immy Nahitchevansky, Oona McKay, Joel Nadler, Jamie Nguyen, Winston Phelps, Natalie Rudin, Cheyenne Smith, Faith Snipes, Jesse Taylor, Sophia Tumolo, Ben Uscamayta-Alvarado, Will Zellhofer.

Special contributions were made by the following individuals:

Ava Kemp designed the alumnae/i survey.

Joel Nadler was responsible for much of the photography, including the overhead drone photographs.

Sophia Tumolo edited the website and organized the Stimson Survey memories.

Lynn Satterfield and Amy Eddy of the Alumnae/i Office provided essential help with the Alumnae/i Survey.

Linda Barone, former project manager for Facilities Management Services, provided essential information on the history and maintenance issues of Stimson Hall.

Kristen Welzenbach and Debbie Harner of Special Collections and Archives assisted students In locating college records and images relevant to the history of Stimson Hall.